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Cerro Aquamaster tug

Cerro aquamaster - Port Revel


The Cerro tugs will assist larger vessels transiting the Canal current and expand transit operations, anchoring and other maneuvers in the waterway.
Two fully azimuthing propulsion units are located beneath the superstructure, about one third of the vessel's length from the bow.
A large central skeg is mounted beneath the stern to aid course stability and increase towing forces when operating in the ‘indirect' (escort) mode. Work on the Panama Canal is a ‘contact sport' and the tugs are fendered appropriately
Towing gear aboard Cerro tugs is configured to offer maximum versatility when employed on the canal.
Two towing winches are installed on the after deck and angled slightly inward towards the centerline.
Both winches have two stainless eyes and allows both towlines to be deployed at the same time when required, one to each forward (or aft) quarter of the ship being assisted, a method common when ship handling in a canal environment.


  • Length: 92 ft (28m)
  • Breadth: 43 ft (13 m)
  • Draft: 20 ft (6.00 m)
  • Propulsion: 6000 HP
  • Running speed: 12,5 kn
  • Bollard pull : 82 t

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Cerro aquamaster - Port RevelCerro aquamaster - Port RevelCerro aquamaster - Port Revel