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    Winter works 2022/2023

    Winter works have started at Port Revel!

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    2022 APA Congress

    Port Revel Team was in South Carolina for the 2022 APA congress.

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    IMPA 2022 Mexico

    IMPA 2022 Mexico:
    Port Revel was very happy to be in Mexico for the 2022 convention.

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    Start of the season in Port Revel

    The trainees and instructors met with joy in Port Revel at the beginning of April.
    After a few weeks of good weather, the recovery was a little more tonic!

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    Capt. Back on track!

    Pilots and captains from all over the world are happy to be able to sail again on Lake Port Revel...

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    On a French lake, mariners learn how not to get stuck in Suez canal

    Francois Mayor nudged back on the power and made a subtle adjustment on the wheel as he coaxed his cargo vessel through a narrow point in the Suez Canal -- not the Egyptian one, but a replica in the middle of a French forest.

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