Port Revel has been training pilots and captains around the world for more than 55 years, with a fleet of 12 1/25 scale models on a 5-hectare lake reserved for trainees, a team of 9 skilled instructors and an admin and technical staff of 7 people.

Ship handling training on manned models
Tankers : Brittany and Gilda transit
5 tugs to work in different ways
Ben Franklin in the Suez canal
Normandie in Car Carrier
Spirit of Port Revel - ULCS

Why training?

Because human error is still the main cause of accidents.

Why manned model training?

Because this is still the best way to acquire certain reflexes which, when the time comes, will make all the difference between being good and being the best. Training on the scale models provides experience that could never be gained on real ships for the simple reason that neither ship-owners nor local authorities would allow such risks to be taken. Scale models allow the ship handler to make mistakes. Scale models allow experimentation on ship behavior to explore unknown fields beyond the limits of safety.

Safety at sea is our common aim.



Courses at Port Revel

Masters and Pilots will develop and acquire new skills and a better understanding of a ship's behaviour in restricted water conditions at manoeuvring speed.

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The lake at Port Revel

An artificial lake remodeled to replicate the real conditions of navigation.

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The instructors

Port Revel instructors

The courses are given by extremely experienced instructors, (with at least 20 years of experience) all of whom are former maritime pilots.

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Our history

Port Revel history

Since 1952 until the present day, Port Revel has put in place an institutional with these clients.

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Ship handlers said

Testimonies of ship handlers

Those who have been through the course are always enthusiastic and often grateful because the new techniques acquired.

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50 000

square meter of lake


years of experience


manned models representing 25 vessels

8 419

captains/pilots since 1966

25 000

square meter of the lake in shallow water areas


of pilots are satisfied with the similitude


the Pilot § Captain Ship Handling course is certified by DNV SeaSkill 

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