2.5 Days course

2.5 Days course at Port Revel

This course allows training on pods and the characteristics of these ships in maneuver.

Models used:

  • Voyager with pods (1000 ft cruise ship with two 14 MW pods and 12 MW bow thrusters).
  • Normandie (4 400 TEU container ship with pods)



Training on pods, berthing, locks and emergency response with the use of Voyager and Normandie exclusively. 


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2.5 Days course at Port Revel 2.5 Days course at Port Revel 2.5 Days course at Port Revel 2.5 Days course at Port Revel



For: Pilotes / Captains

Requirements: With an experience on manned models

Duration: 2,5 days from Monday to Wednesday noon or from Wednesday noon to Friday

Trainer: Experienced instructors with more than 20 years of experience


  • First contact with the pods: in cruise mode and maneuver mode,
  • Maneuvers involving bends in transit, in canals and moorings with or without current,
  • Follow the front and back alignment,
  • Slalom, Maneuvering in a narrow area and in the Suez Canal,
  • Dockings, Crash stop with and without anchors,
  • Entry and exit of a lock,
  • Using anchors with a defective pod.


Capt. Arnaud TRANCHANT - French Navy - FRANCE - (May 2017)
"The effects reproduced on the lake make it possible to reach its limits as close as possible to real conditions. It is clearly a value compared to the similarity."