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Training schedule

For : Requirements : Duration :

Without experience on manned models.

Good experience as seafarer

From 2.5 to 5 days

From Monday to Friday
Number inside a group : Trainer : Acces request
4 to 8 Experienced instructor, former pilot Portrevel.com\contact
Access delay : Rates: Disabled people
From 4 to 36 weeks (duration between order and course) On request with orders Please contact the center to study the feasibility
Assessement Assessement formal report Absences and dropout
Done during all course by the instructor A formal report for station or crew manager can be made upon request Managing procedure upon request

General goal :

A fully customized course can be organized:

  • with more training with waves and berthing on our SBM/CPM and on our fixed offshore platform,
  • using various kinds of tanker (we have 6 tankers ranging from 38,000 dwt up to 400,000 dwt with various loadings and three rudder types),
  • more work with escort tugs,
  • and/or podded ships and/or CPP,
  • or with container and/or LNG carriers,
  • Specific work on your local conditions, etc.

The course content will be prepared to your satisfaction.

We can reproduce at scale 1/25 your port or terminal, using currents wave and wind to replicate your day life conditions. Training will take place in normal and emergencies conditions.

Teaching method:

Classroom teaching is kept to a strict minimum of about an hour per day and a total of five hours per week. Participants sail on the lake for about three and a half hours in both the morning and the afternoon, making a total of seven hours per day and 35 hours per week.

Educational equipment implemented

Theory in classroom: Paper board, charts, diagram, ship tools…

Practice on the lake: piers, models, PPU, wave machine, current generators, wind maker, Vhf…


Provisional schedule of manoeuvres

A course can be designed for:

  • Specific experience level of the trainees,
  • A particular type of propulsion,
  • A particular type of vessel,
  • Specific conditions of your working area,
  • Studies of new operational limitations,
  • Your choice!

Educational resources for the trainee

Name Origin
Ship handling manual Center

End of training administrative documentation

Name Origin
Training certificate Center administrative assistant
Certificate of attendance Center administrative assistant
Training agreement Center administrative assistant

Evolution and continuation of the training course

Name Origin
Advanced Course Center
Dedicated Course Center

Skills required for animation

Name Origin
Pilot with more than 20 years’ experience Center

Educational resources for the instructor

Name Origin
PWP modules Center
Ship handling manual Center
Photos/videos Internet

LNG/Q-Max course

LNG/Q-Max course at Port RevelThis course is dedicated to the transport of LNG type Q / Max, double propellers and rudders as well as large bulk carriers.

Models used:

  • Q-Max - 266 000 m3 / twin screw LNG carrier
  • Brittany (190 000 DWT, on heavy ballast)
  • Ben Franklin (125 000 m3 LNG carrier with Schilling rudder)
  • Berlin (38 000 DWT, loaded)
  • Gilda (125 000 DWT, 70% loaded, with optional Becker rudder)...




  • Develop and acquire new skills.
  • Understand the behavior of the ship in restricted maneuver.


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Capitaine Cartsen DOMKE, Buneslotsenkammer, GERMANY - (April 2018)
"Thank you for your arrangements of our request concerning the purpose of our users. You changed your planning immediately after the 1th day. We pelt very much accompanied during the maneuvers and could catch helpful hinks. All and all it was a good and useful simulation for us."