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Canal and pods

Two new locks were introduced in 2009 for training in the new Panama lock conditions with or without tug(s). This video shows a VLCC entering a lock with one tug fore and one tug aft.

Presentation of Port Revel

Port Revel is used for ship handling training of maritime pilots, masters and officers on a 5 ha lake with 11 manned model ships representing 22 vessels and 5 tugs at scale 1:25 and DGPS.


Podded ships

A new 1:25 cruise ship manned model, the "Voyager", was added to our fleet in 2014. She is 311 m long and is fitted with 2 azimuthing pods (and one Fixipod) and powerful bow thrusters. Training is conducted in emergency conditions like engine failures, crash stops, tight turns ...


Manoeuvring large ships at close quarters and on shallow water is one of the most difficult aspects of shiphandling because of the complex hydraulic interactions depending on the ships' speeds, on the water depth and on lateral restrictions like in canals. Training is conducted both on meeting and on overtaking ships in shallow waters.

Escort Tug

Escort tugs were introduced in 2000 for training in emergency conditions such as rudder and/or engine failures, emergency stops, proceeding through channels with engine/rudder failures, using the escort tug to stay in the channel.