Cruise course

Cruise course at Port Revel

The course includes theoretical and practical exercises. The training is carried out under normal conditions and then in emergency cases. 

Models used:

  • Voyager with pods (1000 ft cruise ship with two 14 MW pods and 12 MW bow thrusters),
  • Cruise Max with twin screw & becker flap rudder



Develop and acquire new skills in the maneuver and increase your safety at sea.


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Cruise course at Port RevelCruise course at Port RevelCruise course at Port RevelCruise course at Port Revel



For: Pilotes / Captains

Requirements: Without experience on manned models

Duration: 5 days from Monday to Friday with an average of 6 hours of maneuver / day, over a period from the beginning of April to the end of October, possibility of 2.5 days of course

Trainer: Experienced instructors with more than 20 years of experience


  • Use Pods with maximum efficiency,
  • Maneuvering with a propeller and rudder,
  • Skidding, Maneuvers and moorings in the current,
  • Slalom with Pod to control the different components involved during the rotation of the Pod,
  • Application with maneuvers in the locks, Using the anchor with a weak bow thruster,
  • Passsage narrow access with the flow and use of the anchor with a low bow thruster,
  • Maneuvering with twin screw, supra convergent and Becker rudder,
  • Maneuvering with 1 tug in emergency situations.