LNG/Q-Max course

LNG/Q-Max course at Port Revel

This course is dedicated to the transport of LNG type Q / Max, double propellers and rudders as well as large bulk carriers.

Models used:


  • Q-Max - 266 000 m3 / twin screw LNG carrier
  • Brittany (190 000 DWT, on heavy ballast)
  • Ben Franklin (125 000 m3 LNG carrier with Schilling rudder)
  • Berlin (38 000 DWT, loaded)
  • Gilda (125 000 DWT, 70% loaded, with optional Becker rudder)...




  • Develop and acquire new skills.
  • Understand the behavior of the ship in restricted maneuver.


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LNG/Q-Max course at Port RevelLNG/Q-Max course at Port RevelLNG/Q-Max course at Port RevelLNG/Q-Max course at Port Revel



For: Masters / Officers

Requirements: Without experience on manned models

Duration: 5 days from Monday to Friday with an average of 6 hours of maneuver / day, over a period from the beginning of April to the end of October

Trainer: Experienced instructors who juggle harmoniously between teaching and training on the lake and Tug captains when using tug


  • Transit in a narrow channel, specificities of the 2 supra-convergent propellers,
  • Entry into the locks,
  • Anchoring and mooring, circles of gyration,
  • Emergencies with escort tugs in the current, with or without rudder and/or engine failure, Maneuverability in a narrow channel,
  • Emergency maneuvers in case of problems on a machine or rudder.


Capitaine Makkar MANDEEP SINGH, SHELL, (Mai 2017)
"Importance of maintaining a slow speed according to the circumstances has been fully embedded in my system, and I will keep that in wind at all times."