Waves - Lake of Port Revel

A unique feature at Port Revel is the wave generator. It is the only one of its kind in the world.

It generates a wave front of 750 m, i.e. around 3 ship lengths. This front propagates towards the south of the lake where it may encounter the current field.

It is generally set on H = 3 m and T = 8 s, as this values induce heavy rolling of the ship. However, these settings can be changed.

Following the waves towards the south of the lake, an SBM is found. That is where we sometimes organise docking exercises on an SPM or an FPSO or an CPM.

This area can also be subjected to East-West currents, i.e. perpendicular to the wave field.

Waves at Port Revel
In this area a long track is also available for ship-to-ship underway training.

Waves at Port Revel
A wave generator has been installed in the middle of the deepest zone (wave height H=3 m with 750 m wave front full scale).

A very accurate track recording system is available. A new system installed in 2016, give the position of 5 ships can be determined with an accuracy of 25 cm (10 inches) at full scale, anywhere on the lake. Ship positions and headings are sent to the base along with data on rudder angle, rpm, wind speed and direction, ship speed, etc.

Printouts of manoeuvres are provided and discussed with the participants at the end of each day.

The picture above illustrates one of the strong features of the Port Revel centre, i.e. the vast difference between manoeuvring in deep water and manoeuvring in shallow water.

In fact, captains and maritime pilots really need a training centre with extensive shallow waters, because that is where most of the ship manoeuvring is conducted.

PPU, a monitoring system that anticipates the positioning of the ship, is possible on all boats equipped with DGPS.

All parameters are expressed as full scale values. Each record bears the name, date and time of the exercise, the captain's name, the ship's name, the time step and the map scale.

Both Port Revel's classrooms are located in a spacious housing equipped with audiovisual resources. The audio-visual resources consist of slideshows drawn directly from the manual, and various sequences on video. This common foundation, between the slideshows and the manual, guarantees overall coherence.

Port Revel has a number of PCs and printers connected up via a local network, which in turn is linked with Artelia's network. This system is managed by Artelia's IT department.

Adequate changing rooms and sanitary is also provided along with some adequate clothing (jackets, boots, hats and sun cream).