ULCS – Container ship course

ULCS – Container ship course at Port Revel

This course includes theoretical and practical teaching by addressing basic concepts (behavior of the ship, forces at play ...) as well as an approach highlighting the issues related to the treatment of emergency maneuvers, through the use of navigation tools such as the PPU (SEAiq et Qastor), and the control of an escort tug. The progression makes it possible to apprehend the limits of maneuvers mainly on the Ultra Large Container Ship (ULCS).

Models used:

  • Spirit of Port Revel (22 000 TEU)
  • Otello (8 500 TEU container carrier)
  • Normandie (4 400 TEU)



Understand the behavior of container ships, in particular very large ships such as ULCS. 


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ULCS – Container ship course at Port RevelULCS – Container ship course at Port RevelULCS – Container ship course at Port Revel



For: Pilotes / Captains

Requirements: Without experience on manned models

Duration: From 3 to 5 days starting Monday or Wednesday with an average of 6 hours of maneuver/day, over a period from the beginning of April to the end of October.

Trainer: Experienced instructors with more than 20 years of experience and Tug captains when using tugboat.


  • Understand the pivot point, the wind and the current
  • Study of similarity and forces under control/uncontrolled
  • Behavior in deep and shallow waters
  • Transit, swinging and berthing with and without current
  • Manoeuver in emergency with anchors and/or escort tug
  • Transit through a canal, bank and squat effects
  • Use of the PPU, limits...