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Pilote, capitaine et instructeur de navire sur le lac de Port Revel

Advanced ship handling course

This course includes theoretical lessons and practical exercises on the lake.

Models used:

  • Berlin (38,000 DWT loaded) / Gilda with tug
  • Brittany (190 000 DWT, on heavy ballast)
  • Otello (8 500 TEU container carrier)
  • Ben Franklin (125 000 m3 LNG Carrier with optional Schilling rudder) CPP
  • Q-Max (266 000 m3 LNG Carrier with twin screw & rudder)
  • Antifer (400 000 DWT, on heavy ballast): plus escort tug

Objective: Improve the ability to anticipate emergencies.



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Advanced 5 day course at Port Revel    Advanced 5 day course at Port Revel    Advanced 5 day course at Port Revel    Advanced 5 day course at Port Revel



For: Pilotes / Captains

Requirements: With an experience on manned models

Duration: 5 days from Monday to Friday with an average of 6 hours of maneuver / day, over a period from the beginning of April to the end of October

Trainer: Experienced instructors who juggle harmoniously between teaching and training on the lake and Tug captains when using tug


  • Use of tugs: different types, positioning, advantage and disadvantages,
  • Assess the absolute necessity of attaching the tug,
  • Evaluate the need to react very quickly in the event of an accident,
  • Show the impact of speed on the efficiency of maneuvers,
  • Evaluate the limits of escort tugs,
  • Show the emergency use of anchors in various situations,
  • Use of the PPU, limits, ....

Capitaine Alain Lemarchand, Euronav, France (April 2010)
"I'm coming for the second time, the first time you're learning a lot, the second time you're more experienced, but I think you're learning even more than the first time."