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Pilote, capitaine et instructeur de navire sur le lac de Port Revel

Wave making machine

During the year 2017 to 2018, the wave machine underwent a complete maintenance. You can discover the different steps in the rest of this document.    

Port Revel Wave Making Machine

Machine à vagues sur le lac de Port Revel The wave machine in 2017 before being out of hte water.
 The divers failed to disassemble the wave making machine.

Necessary to empty the lake

La machine se dévoile

The wave making machine is revealed.

In winter 2017

 The wave machine is put out of the water.

An element

There are 8 like this. 
You can sea the wear of time.


An additionnal float eat by rust.

Mechanical intervention

 The Guillaud company came to bring us the 8 elements of the wave machine.    

Manutension begins

The elements are very heavy.


It's difficult

The ground is more and more loose.


Almost at the end

 More than 3 elements.

New chassis

This new element is leveled.


 Main float.


  Additional float.

Floats assembly

The 2 connected floats.

Central element

Setting up the swing shutter.


Then the second main float.


And the second additional float.

The end of editing

The editing of the element is finished.

In winter 2017

Launch of the first element after having encountered some difficulties.

Extreme conditions

Launching each element.

Extreme conditions

Technicians and divers work to assemble the elements.

The end

Each element is assembled, now strongly spring to put the trees and the engine.