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5 Days ship handling course

The center of Port Revel offer several different courses of 5 days training to designed for pilots, captains and officers on manned models.

It includes ship handling teaching and training. 

Do not hesitate to contact us to book your training!

Ship handling course

This course was designed for captains and pilots who have never been on manned models before.

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Advanced ship handling course

For those who have already been on manned models, in Port Revel or somewhere else.

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Pods and emergency course

A very interesting combined course with pods, tugs and with emergency manoeuvring on various ships.

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Q-Max course

This course is focused on twin-screw LNG carriers and other large bulk carriers.

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Cruise Course

Based on models with pod propulsion and twin screw inward/Becker flap rudder, this course is focused on cruise ships.

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Fully customized 5-days course

A fully customized 5-days course can be organised, the course content will be prepared to your satisfaction once we know more about your needs.

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