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LNG carrier

The "Ben Franklin" is a replica of the liquid natural gas (LNG) carrier (125 000 m3), fitted with Controllable Pitch Propeller and Schilling rudder if requested.

LNG CARRIER 1 Port Revel

The CPP on this model is a left-hand turning propeller when sailing ahead. 

However, it behaves like a right handed propeller when sailing astern.

This is because the propeller is left-hand turning at any time, as it is the blades that change pitch instead of the propeller shaft going reverse.

As an option, this model can also sail with a traditional fixed pitch as a left-handed propeller.

Another option on this ship is a Schilling rudder which has fish-tail shape and a maximum rudder angle of 70°. With this angle, the Schilling rudder has a 77% propeller disk coverage instead of 52.5% for a conventional rudder with 35° max rudder angle.

This induces:

  • Significantly reduced overshoot angles.
  • Exceptional full speed course keeping ability.
  • Improved crabbing and zero speed control.
  • Enhanced turning capability with significantly reduced turning circles at speed.
  • Reduced head reach and lateral deviation.




In this version, the Q-Max can carry 266 000 m3 of LNG and has twin-screw inward turning propellers and two rudders.

The length o.a is 345 m and breadth is 53,80 m. The max windage is 9000 square meters.

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