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Fleet characteristics

The Port Revel fleet is made up of eleven manned models and five radio-controlled tractor tugs.

The fleet consists of 11 scaled ship models and 5 tugs, all at 1/25 scale. Most of them represent real ships with their corresponding characteristics (engine acceleration rates, etc.). Given the various possibilities available for loading and modifying the ships, the fleet represents a total of more than 22 vessels allowing a variety of exercises for 8 to 10 participants working simultaneously.table manned models fleet - Port Revel

Ship validation is conducted for each ship both on the lake by means of typical manoeuvres (turning circles and crash stops) to be compared with the corresponding real ship, and by means of expert assessments performed by the pilots and masters using the real ship. This expert assessment is based on about 10 objective criteria (turning, stopping, etc.) and is rated as follows:

  • Excellent,
  • Good,
  • Acceptable,
  • NFD Needs for further development.

The expert will sign his ship assessment with the following words:
"I confirm I have been in command of this ship (or a sistership) for at least six months or as a pilot, I have been piloting this ship (or a sistership) on at least 10 movements"