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The Port Revel Staff


Center -The Staff - Administrative - Port Revel

Capt. François MAYOR

Capt. François Mayor took over on November 16th, 2015. His an experienced seafarer involved for 25 years in the marine industry. He started in 1991 on smaller ships and rose up to larger ships until 2012. During this period, he has been in charge of training, of safety of navigation, and had team leading responsibility, and also worked as a specialized consultant.


Administrative and sales assistant:
Mrs Frédérique COLUCCI

The administrative assistant is in charge of reception and day-to-day relations with students during their stay at the center.


Center -The Staff - Technicians - Port Revel

6 technicians, who take care of all maintenance work on the models and facilities available at the center.
Through their efforts, the fleet is always operational. They are also responsible for setting up all the structures needed for special tests requested by students and also participate in the design of new models.

On the photo from left to right:
Joseph SPITALIERI - Sébastien MOUNIER - Alexandre PIOLAT - Emmanuelle BENOIT-CATTIN - Ludovic ROCHAS - Alban GIBERT