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Pods ship handling course 2.5 days

Pods ship handling course 2.5 days at Port RevelThis course was introduced for pilots and podded ship masters.

The course is focused on use of pods and includes exercises like:

  • Following an alignment ahead and astern,
  • Entering and backing into a slip,
  • Passing through a lock with bow thruster and one pod failing,
  • Use of anchors with one pod failing,
  • Crash stop with and without use of anchors. 

We used primarily cruise Vessel VOYAGER and also NORMANDIE with pods.

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New podded cruise ship at Port RevelVOYAGER cruise ship was introduced in 2014, as the exact replica of the Voyager of the seas:

She has 311 m Loa, 38.6 m width,

2 azimuthing 14 MW pods and 12 MW bow thrusters.