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Q-Max course

Q-Max course at Port Revel

This course is dedicated to the transport of LNG type Q / Max, double propellers and rudders as well as large bulk carriers.

It includes :

  • Emergency maneuvers in case of problems on the machine,
  • Steering gear as well as the use of anchors and escort tugs,
  • Transit in the canal,
  • Entrance to the locks,
  • Anchoring and docking,
  • Emergencies with escort tugs in the current, with or without rudder and / or engine failures,
  • Maneuverability in a narrow channel.

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Q-Max course at Port Revel

We built in 2010 a Q / Max LNG carrier, double helices, double rudders measuring in reality 345 m long.

Tests were carried out in 2011 in Port Revel:

  • circles of gyration with a single rudder,
  • circles of gyration with a single helix.

Since the 2016 season, a new configuration reinforces our fleet, "cruise ship", with a forward pacerelle, two propellers and two rudders Becker flap.