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Pods and emergency ship handling course

We  introduce this pod course in 2006 for those who wish to discover podded propulsion and associated mechanical failures. This resulted in a very interesting combined course with pods, tugs and with emergency manoeuvring on various ships.


The course covers such operations as:

  • Docking and undocking with a current,
  • Crabbing, with pods and bow thruster,
  • Backing into a slip,
  • Manoeuvring with a single pod (in the event of failure),
  • Emergency stopping,
  • Skidding resistance of water body.



A course of this kind can also usefully involve the following:


  • emergency operations with escort tugs, 
  • operations in the local conditions to which students are accustomed. 




Captain David CVITANOVIC, San Francisco Bar Pilots has said in September 2017:
"It was very valuable to do a maneuver on a model that I haven't done in real life, fast anchoring, emergency anchoring.
I have done these on simulators but the models are much more realistic." 
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