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Advanced ship handling course

Advanced ship handling course at Port Revel

For those who know the models, this course includes many exercises to improve their ability to anticipate emergencies.

  • Assess the absolute necessity of attaching the tug,
  • Assess the need to react very quickly in the event of an accident. Students should be shown the effects of a short delay in implementing corrective measures to increase off-track error,
  • Show the impact of speed in the water on the efficiency of the maneuvers,
  • Assess the limitation of escort tugs,
  • Show the effectiveness of the "Transverse Stops" maneuver used with inverted tractors,
  • Show that a reasonable speed to escort would be 8 kn with a tractor attached, slow down to 6 kn in narrower areas like bridges, etc,
  • Show emergency use of anchors at a short stay to help curb the ship,

Participants may draw up their own program with the instructors in order to examine in greater detail some aspects of operations that are particular to their own pilotage district.

We are also able to reproduce local conditions in order to study new ways of maneuvering or prepare arrival of new ships or new trafic. 


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