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Ship handling course

This course was designed for pilots, captains and officers who have never been on manned models before.
It includes ship handling teaching and training. Each day of the week is devoted to a particular subject:

Ship handling course 5 days at Port Revel

- study of similarity and forces not under control:

  • with manoeuvres involving turns onto transits,
  • entering in the channels and various dockings,

 - study of forces under control:

  • turning in deep and shallow water, at slow and full manoeuvring speed,
  • using Becker and Schilling rudder,
  • docking with bow thrusters,
  • study of the role of the pivot point in ship manoeuvres,

- manoeuvring with anchors:

  • dredging or on  spot,
  • docking and mooring,

Ship handling course at Port Revel

 - sinkage and bank effects: 

  • skidding,
  • drifting in swell,
  • transit through Suez Canal and Manhattan Canal,
  • berthing with or without current, 
  • entering docking and leaving a harbour with current,

 - stopping, meeting and overtaking: 

  • meeting and overtaking in the canal,
  • docking sternway with current, 
  • turning and docking stemming current.


Ship handling course at Port Revel


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