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Center - Port Revel

Port Revel is located on a man-made lake of about 13 acres (5 ha) that was remodeled in order to reproduce real sailing conditions

The lake is fitted with wave, wind and current generators and complex port approach configurations. Port Revel's lake has been designed in accordance with rigorous quality standards.
A lake area of about 5 ha is available, allowing 5 ships to sail freely without mutual or outside interference.
The courses are given by extremely experienced instructors, all of whom are former maritime pilots
The lake is fitted with wave, wind and current generators and complex port approach configurations.    

Port Revel Center


Center - Lake - Port Revel

5 ha lake fully equiped for manned model training and remodeled in order to reproduce real sailing conditions.

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Instructors at Port Revel

All instructors at Port Revel are maritime experienced and fully trained pilots

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Port Revel staff

Director, assistant and technicians are the crew members of Port Revel

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Quality assurance

Quality Assurance

Center - Quality Assurance - Port Revel

Port Revel is a permanent forum of ideas, an ideal meeting place where information and experience can be exchanged, or as a pilot once pointed out:

"In regular life, a practising pilot is always alone. He has no-one around to comment on or discuss a particular manoeuvre. The only times when a manoeuvre is analysed and commented is after an accident, when there is an inquiry. And that always takes place in a mood of tension. What I appreciate at Port Revel is that pilots observe your work in a calm, dispassionate and therefore constructive climate."

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"Port Revel is the world leader in manned model training, facilities, instructors, technicians and models are second to none." Capt. Hugo KENYON, San Francisco Bar Pilots, USA - (Septembre 2017)
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Center - History of the center - Port Revel1953 - Probably Sogreah's first ship (at Laboratoire Dauphinois d'Hydraulique): the Sovac Comet, a 30 000 t tanker. After three years spent with Esso captains at the end of the 1960's, the Center was taken over by Sogreah in 1970. During the 1970s, most students were captains, while the first pilots came to discover the center.
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