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Port Revel

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Lake fully equiped for manned model training

Port Revel is located on a man-made lake of about 13 acres (5 ha)
that was remodelled in order to reproduce real sailing conditions.

Port Revel's lake has been designed in accordance with rigorous quality standards.
A lake area of about 5 ha is available, allowing 5 ships to sail freely without mutual or outside interference.
The lake is large enough, but not too large so that travelling distances between exercises are not too long,

The lake features:

- a variety of berths, docks, locks, canal, channels,

- many shallow water aeras and a deep water area,

- a wave generator,

- a current generators,

- a wind generator,

- a DPGS/GLONASS tracking system,

- a controllable water level, and it can be emptied for maintenance,

- very small natural wind effects: over 80% of the lake is protected from wind.


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