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Come and try by yourself!

Do not hesitate to contact us to come over to Port Revel for a visit or for a course.

Training on the scale models provides experience that could never be gained on real ships for the simple reason that neither ship-owners nor local authorities would allow such risks to be taken.

Scale models allow the shiphandler to make mistakes.

Scale models allow experimentation on ship behaviour to explore unknown fields beyond the limits of safety.

Periodic training on scale models will maintain your shiphandling skills at the highest level and periodic evaluations will show it.

Q-Max shiphandling course (5 days)

Port Revel's Q-Max model

This new 2010 course is focussed on twin-screw LNG carriers and other large bulk carriers. The course includes emergencies with rudder and/or engine failures and work with escort tugs and anchors.

Trials have been carried out at Port Revel in 2011:

  • turning circles with one rudder failures,
  • turning circles with one engine failures.

Some resulting ship tracks are available here.

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