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History of the Port Revel training centre




After three years spent with Esso captains at the end of the 1960's, the Centre was taken over by Sogreah in 1970.

During the 1970s, most students were captains, while the first pilots came to discover the centre.

During the 80s, the ratio of 9 captains to 1 pilot was reversed.

In the 90s, the first refresher courses were organised for pilots, who returned every 5 years. These courses are less directive and leave more room for customisation, which is a way of optimising port operations to increase port accessibility.

During the current decade, we have seen a change in our relations with pilots. We are now moving towards a closer partnership in which pilots use our installations at their convenience. Courses and equipment are specially designed in close collaboration with the pilots.

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the fifties ...

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the middle ages ...

Back to Roman times ...

One of the earliest reports on maritime pilotage

Letter from SYNESIUS of CYRENE (370 - 414 AD)
to his brother in Alexandria

Following the coast to the West from Alexandria, and after having survived a storm ...

« Now when day appeared, a man in rustic garb signalled and pointed out which were the places of danger, and those that we might approach in safety. Finally, he came out to us in a boat with two oars, and this he made fast to our vessel. Then he took over the helm, and our Syrian [captain] gladly relinquished to him the conduct of the ship. So after proceeding not more than fifty stadia [five miles], he brought her to anchor in a delightful little harbour, which I believe is called Azarium [probably somewhere near Derna in Libya] and there disembarked us on the beach. We acclaimed him as our saviour and good angel.
A little while later, he brought in another ship, and then again another, and before evening had fallen, we were in all five vessels saved by this godsent old man, the very reverse of Nauplius who received the shipwrecked in a vastly different manner [he deliberately misled sailors to ground them onto the rocks]. On the following day, other ships arrived, some of which had put out from Alexandria the day before we set sail. So now we are quite a fleet in a small harbour. »
(Translation A. Fitzgerald,


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