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Cruise course

Cruise ship course at Port Revel

This course is focused on cruise ships.
Based on models with pod propulsion and twin screw inward/Becker flap rudder.

Training with these two types of cruise ships, in normal conditions or in emergencies.
It's very intersting for masters and pilots, and will increase your safety at sea.

This course is done over 5 days and includes especially:

  • Steering and maneuvering with propeller and rudder,
  • Maneuvers and dockings in the current, with different approaches, analyses of the advantages and inconveniences,
  • Passage through the locks,
  • Emergencies with an escort tug, entering a narrow area with a tug and current,
  • Use of the anchor with a weak bow thruster...

We can also reproduce at scale your new berthing to give you confidence with new manoeuvers.


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Cruise ship course at Port Revel    Cruise ship course at Port Revel